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It’s digital marketing for schools made simple.
Xargo Education is a feature rich CMS for the time poor.

Digital form meets function

We’ve created industry-leading solutions for the education sector for more than a decade. During this time we’ve developed a deep understanding of the digital tools schools need. Cue Xargo Education: our very own content management system for schools.

Xargo Education’s clever design and thoughtful user experience mapping allows you to inform and engage your existing and prospective school community with just the right mix of marketing and communication.

Your website and mobile app can be all in one

Xargo Education is a web-based platform for schools on the go. It’s a powerful tool that brings your website and mobile app together in one easy to operate system.

Stand out from the crowd with a beautifully designed website, publish blog posts and photos from today’s school event, or communicate important information quickly and easily via push notifications from your optional mobile app.

Simplified editing for great looking pages

School staff will feel confident they have the power to keep communication flowing with Xargo Education’s simplified editing tools. Our intuitive interface allows you to update your school website with ease.

With content publishing features such as drag and drop layouts and easy sorting, your content creation will take no time at all. And what’s more, it will be automatically optimised for computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Social sharing is a snap

Xargo Education is a unification hub that pairs your website and social media channels for quick and easy social sharing.

Our clever interface transforms the pages of your school website into shareable content that can be posted to Facebook (with Instant Articles), Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. You can even display live feeds on your site.

User-friendly modules

Xargo Education provides schools with user-friendly modules to create engaging online content that’s easy to navigate.

Its feature rich platform gives you access to news and blog feeds, searchable staff lists, document bundles, photo galleries, form builders and calendars, all from your website and mobile app.

World-class service integration

Xargo Education works seamlessly with some of the world’s best services to ensure easy integration and super fast set up. This includes Amazon Web Services, Mail Chimp, Disqus, Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Calendars and all of the most popular social media platforms.

Whether you need to post a Facebook album to your website or create a secure e-commerce form for a school excursion, you’ll have it sorted in minutes.

Ready to take the next step?

We’ve created industry-leading solutions for the education sector for more than a decade. We have a deep understanding of the digital tools schools need.

Get in touch to discuss how we can develop an effective digital strategy for your school that will drive enrolments and enhance communication.


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