A powerful business grade web CMS that’s feature rich & amazingly easy to use. Xargo’s seamless interface puts you in control of your website & mobile phone app from a single portal.

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Little effort, big results

Think you need a design and development background to create your own beautiful website content? Not so. You need Xargo.

Behind every site is a fluid and commanding CMS. Xargo is rich in features, SEO friendly and fully customisable.

Automatically generated navigation, drag and drop page ordering and WYSIWYG content editing are only the beginning.

Drag & Drop Layouts

Drag and drop layouts

Xargo’s flexible page layouts and drag and drop function gives you effortless and intuitive content organisation. Add new pages or rearrange text, images and video with a click of your mouse. It’s that easy. And, it’s mobile optimised.

We start the process by designing a design theme built entirely for you. Your brand, your message and no cookie cutter templates. Once your theme is integrated inside Xargo CMS you’ll have the power to create great content easily and confidently.

Edit your website and push to your app

Edit your website and push to your app

Make it easy for your customers to get your latest information. From pages and news articles to social media posts and calendar events, Xargo lets you push data from your website straight to your companion Apple or Android mobile phone app.

For the time pressed and resource poor, you can even schedule mobile push notifications to broadcast messages automatically. Quicker than email you can send a notification direct to your users screen and link it directly to a screen within your app for more information or a call to action. Now that’s handy, right?

Live web analytics

View traffic and visitor behavior with Xargo’s live web statistics. Direct from Google Analytics to your dashboard, you’ll be able to see where your visitors are coming from, which pages are most popular and the search words being used to find you. That’s important stuff.

Social media streaming

Your website is central to your digital presence. And, combined with interactive social media, it’s a powerful tool for engagement. Xargo offers seamless social integration so you can share content with ease and encourage followers to connect. You can post content directly from your website to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, and vice versa.

Mobile ready templates

Xargo’s mobile ready page templates allow you to build beautiful modular site content while maintaining mobile responsiveness. Xargo will ensure your brand doesn't go astray. This compatibility ensures your content will look great on any device.

Manage galleries and documents

Organise your resources with Xargo’s document bundles. Create responsive photo galleries, manage data lists such as news, events, case studies and staff profiles, or access documents and files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Document control has never been easier with drag and drop management.

Powerful blogging platform

Blog your way to SEO stardom with Xargo. Whether you post on impulse or schedule content in advance, Xargo’s blogging platform gives you the freedom to use text, images, video and audio to get your message across. Each blog post you create will be equiped with the right code for social sharing to increase engagement and enhance user experience.


Create lead capturing forms

Creating a web forms for your website is easy, simply drag and drop the fields you need and a validated form is ready to publish to your website. Xargo will even store form submissions for a detailed report of enquiries. Need to take a payment? no worries your form can easily convert to an ecommerce enabled payment form to take secure credit card payments.

Secure cloud hosting, zero hassles

Hosted in the cloud, Xargo offers a secure framework and website protection with weekly updates and frequent backups. Xargo also creates greater control for site administrators through robust user management and secure areas for members, staff and key stakeholders.


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